It's important to get the right first shoes for your babies!

Your baby's feet are still growing.

Your baby's feet are structured with soft, pliable bone that's similar to cartilage. These bones are easily shaped, and thus need protection. You may have noticed that a baby's feet are flat — this is because they have a layer of puppy fat surrounding and protecting these pliable bones. 

Between the age of two and five, the shape of your baby's feet will slowly become clear, as this layer of fat disappears. Because the bones are so pliable, it's important to protect them with lightweight, flexible, and soft-soled shoes. 

Early foot development is important for your child's well-being

It's equally important to avoid tight or rigid shoes that force your child's feet into unnatural positions. Ill-formed feet may increase the likelihood of stress and injuries.

That's why LITTLE BLUE LAMB shoes are designed specially for the little feet!