Nobody likes wearing heavy shoes, even our kids. Although most of our shoes are lightweight, we have designed our lightest shoes ever. Find out what make these lightweight sandals so special!

How light are our sandals?

Our latest range of Argia Summer Sandals are our lightest shoes ever made. With the weight of a single shoe only at 117g, each shoe is lighter than 2 eggs!

Ultra-light kids sandals by Little Blue Lamb

Why are they so lightweight?

There are two features that make our sandals super lightweight: their EVA sole and their microfiber leather upper. Microfiber leather looks and feels like real leather but weighs a lot less, making it a great alternative material for making children's shoes. 

Unlike our basic and classic designs that have natural rubber or foam rubber sole, these Argia sandals are fitted with EVA soles. EVA or Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, is popularly used in sports shoes due to its lightweight property, high flexibility and good shock absorption.

Are lightweight shoes more comfortable?

For the same reason that our shoes are lightweight, they are also extremely comfortable. The EVA sole is shock-absorbing and flexible, making for an extra comfortable wear no matter what activities your child is having.

The microfiber leather upper, combined with cool and airy design, also adds to the comfort and breathability of our lightweight sandals. What an ideal choice for the hot summer!

Most importantly, when your child is wearing lightweight shoes, their feet are going to be far more comfy throughout the day than if they were dragging around a heavy shoe. 

Our EVA soles are also available for covered shoes designs.

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