Our shoes sizings are getting an update. How does that affect you? In short, not really, but let us explain more on how our new sizings are actually going to be better for your child!

Two Little Feet's Little Blue Lamb shoes are originally separated into two different categories: Baby Collection (0-2 Years) and Kids Collection (2-6 Years).

Our original Baby Collection has sizes running from Size 2 to Size 5. The original Kids Collection runs from Size 6 to 13, with some styles going up to Sizes 2 (K).

In the latest size update, you will notice that Little Blue Lamb shoes will support bigger feet sizes of early walkers. This is to cater to feedback from our parents that our current Baby Collection does not run big enough for some larger baby feet. With this update, whether your child is still making wobbly steps, or have progressed to steady walking, our Baby Collection will be able to provide the most supportive and comfortable footwear for these early stages!

To help differentiate between original and new Baby Collection shoes and sandals, the original Baby Collection will use the sizing format from Size 2 (C) to Size 5 (C), where (C) denotes our "Classic" Baby Collection. The new Baby Collection will use the sizing format from Size 3 to Size 6. 

For the new Kids Collection, sizing starts from Size 7. You may find some classic designs that are also available in size 6 (C) to differentiate from the new Baby Collection Size 6.

When you enter your child’s feet length into our Size Assistant, you may get a results like these:

4 / 4 (C): you can pick size 4 from both our classic and new Baby Collection.

4 / 3 (C): for new collection, we recommend Size 4, and for classic collection, recommended to go with Size 3 (C)

6 / 6 (C): For new collection, go with Size 6 in Baby Collection. You can also pick from Size 6 (C) of Kids Collection from the classic range.

There you have it. Now that you have a better understanding of our sizing, it's time to find that perfect pair for your little one!

Don't forget to use our Size Assistant and Size Filter to help you get to the right size faster. Start with the Size Assistant below:


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