Factory Direct Collection (Ships In 6 Weeks)

Shop our Factory Direct collection of kids shoes. These shoes take 6 weeks from order to ship as they come directly from our manufacturer.

The benefits? Unbeatable prices as a thank you for waiting patiently for them!

How to shop factory direct?

  1. Shop as normal and checkout. Payment and email confirmation will be indicated.
  2. Do note that you will have to wait 6 weeks from your order confirmation date to have the shoes shipped to you.

Why are factory direct shoes priced differently?

  1. We know some parents don't mind a longer wait to get better priced shoes. Factory Direct shoes are ordered directly from our manufacturer together with our regular shipment. Savings from not having to stock inventory is passed on to the customer.
  2. Factory Direct shoes are not eligible for returns or exchanges. Be sure to measure the right size or buy ahead for growing feet.
  3. Factory Direct shoes are not eligible for any sales or promotions. This is the best price we can offer!