Trial Pack - 3D Mask (Single Piece, 1-Week Supply)
Trial Pack - 3D Mask (Single Piece, 1-Week Supply)
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Trial Pack - 3D Mask (Single Piece, 1-Week Supply)

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Why choose :dc 3D Face Masks?

  • Breathable & comfortable, membrane filtration technology provides a lightweight high-quality protection mask.
  • Washable, recommended up to 5 times.
  • Certified protection, filters 99% of PM0.075 particles. This includes virus, bacteria, and air pollution.
  • Quality tested with transparency. Over 10 tests and certificates across the US, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and China for blood penetration, bacterial filtration, virus filtration, and PM0.075.

Wash masks by soaking in soap/detergent water before gently hand washing and rinsing with running water. Do not wring or squeeze the mask. Check dried mask against light to see if membrane has shrunk, forming a line inside the layers of the mask. Change a new mask if membrane line is seen.

    *Due to hygiene reasons, all purchases of masks are NOT ELIGIBLE for exchanges or refunds.

    :dc Premium Face Mask for Adults and Children A Better Mask