If you are a parent in Singapore, especially with a newborn baby or young children, we have helpfully gathered a list of five online resources that we think will help you greatly.

These online resources ranges from guides to starting your baby on solid food, to our very own well-received tips on measuring your child's feet to ensure getting the right size for online shoe shopping.

Check out our list below to see if they come in handy for you!

1) Solid Starts

Solid Starts has a great library of foods that you can get your young child started on as they transition to eating solids.

The great thing about this online resource is that it's free access, with the choice to purchase more focused guides.

You'll also get to see videos of how young children of different ages handle and enjoy each food item.


2) National Library Board Singapore Audiobooks

Once your child starts learning to read, he/she will begin to love being read to as well.

We found the National Library Board (NLB) Singapore's audiobook collection for kids a hidden gem with a treasure trove of good titles. The audiobooks play on the NLB Overdrive app and is simple for even young ones to navigate.

The best part? It comes with your NLB membership which is free for Singaporeans and a small charge for Permanent Residents and Foreigners. View the membership fee tiers here.


3) Parent Hub by Health Hub

Singapore's Health Promotion Board (HPB) has a well documented and easy to navigate Parent Hub on their Health Hub website.

This valuable online resource covers the whole spectrum of parenthood, taking you from pregnancy all the way to raising young children.

You can also easily access your child's medical records through Health Hub with your SingPass login.


4) Physio & Sole - 5 Tips When Choosing Children's Footwear

Physio and Sole Clinic is a podiatrist partner of Two Little Feet and Little Blue Lamb Singapore shoes.

In this article, we summarise the key points shared with us by Fiona Hu, Chief Podiatrist at Physio and Sole Clinic.

Did you know that slippers aren't recommended for at least the first 10 years of your child's walking?

This online resource will definitely help you build healthier footwear habits for your child.


5) Two Little Feet - How To Measure Your Child's Feet For Shoe Sizing

Written two years ago, this online resource has been one of our hit articles, especially with parents in Singapore and the United States.

Learn the three ways to easily measure your young child's feet to match with any shoe brand's sizing chart.

As sizing do differ between brands, the default recommendation from us would be to stick to know your child's latest feet length measurement. Also measure the width if your child has wider feet than normal.

This way, you will spare yourself from any sizing shocks, especially when buying from new brands!

We do hope these 5 online resources will help you with your journey through parenthood.

Meanwhile, don't forget that outdoor play and lots of good sunlight helps contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Bring your little one out and keep them comfortable with some of the best baby and children shoes in Singapore on Two Little Feet!