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Before purchase:

It is important that you check your child's foot size, both length and width. 

Here is an easy way to measure:

    Important Notes:

    1. If you think that your child's feet are wider than average, measure the width as well. Find the widest part of the feet (usually at the end of the toes and around the ball of the foot) and mark both the left and right side of this part. The distance between these marks indicates the feet width.
    2. Always measure both feet and take the larger one's measurement into consideration when choosing size.
    3. If your child's feet have meaty top or high instep, avoid design that has 'Snug" fit indicated. Go for 'Roomy' fit instead.
    4. If you intend to put on socks for your child, repeat the same measuring steps while your child is wearing the socks.
    5. Measure in the afternoon as feet typically swell during the day.

    *Alternative method - Wet foot print measurement (For parents who prefer to make it more fun for little ones):

    Place a paper outside your bathroom during shower time. As your child exits the bath, have him/her stand firmly with both feet on the paper. Measure the wet footprints.

    Once you have measured your child's feet, enter the measurement into the size assistant below or refer to the following sizing tables to determine which size fits best.

    You should also check out our article to find out the few ways on how to measure or check foot size for children accurately before purchasing our shoes for them.

    Alternatively, for those with a printer at home, you can use our Printable Size Measurement for a quick check of our sizing. Remember to scale at 100% and try colour printing to make it more fun for your child.

    Because little feet grow quickly, it is a good idea to check every month to make sure the shoes still fit.

    Baby Shoe Size (Size 3 to Size 7)

    • It is recommended that your child's foot length is at least 1cm less than the insole length to allow for movement and growth, and foot width not more than insole width.
    • We understand you may want to get a size bigger to last longer, but it’s NOT recommended if the insole length is more than 2cm longer than your child’s current foot length.
    Insole Width 
    Insole Length
    5.4 cm
    12.1 cm
    5.6 cm
    13.0 cm
    5.8 cm
    13.8 cm
    6.0 cm
    14.6 cm


    Kids Shoe Size (Size 7 to Size 2.5K)


    Insole Width 
    Insole Length
    6.2 cm
    15.3 cm
    6.3 cm
    15.8 cm
    6.4 cm
    16.3 cm
    6.5 cm
    16.6 cm
    6.6 cm
    17.1 cm
    6.8 cm
    18.0 cm
    7.0 cm
    18.6 cm
    7.2 cm
    19.4 cm
    12.5 7.3 cm 20.0 cm
    7.4 cm
    20.5 cm
    7.5 cm
    20.9 cm
    7.6 cm
    21.3 cm
    7.7 cm
    21.8 cm
    7.8 cm
    22.2 cm
    2.5K 8.0 cm 22.6 cm


    *In general, our kids’ sandals have a more loose fitting compared to sneakers (covered shoes), while their insole widths may be the same. If you are in doubt, feel free to check with us first before purchase. 

    After purchase:

    We suggest that you let your child try on the shoes right away!

    When standing, there should be just enough room to squeeze your pinky between your child's heel and the back of the shoe, and roughly a thumb-width between the tip of your child's longest toe and the front of the shoe.

    If the little toe is pressed against the side of the shoes (visible bumps from outside), that means the shoe's width is too small for your child's feet. 

    Checking fit with removable insole or open-toe design

    Many of our shoes have removable insoles, so another way to check the fit is to remove the insole and have your child step on it while standing.

    For a perfect fit, your child's heel should fits right inside the heel cup, and there is at least 1cm between the longest toe and the tip of the insole. This is also a good way to check for width fit. Your child's foot should not go over the side edges of the insole while standing.

    Depending on the design and your child's instep, some shoes may be a little tight even when the length and width fit. In this case, talk to us to get a design change (if eligible for exchanges).

    If you have any further questions about sizing, feel free to drop us an email at, or chat with us on our website, Facebook or Instagram. We are always happy to help!

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