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When it comes to kids’ sandals, you’ll want to get good quality ones that are suitable for everyday use. They’re almost indispensable if you’re living in a hot climate. Our kids’ sandals are comfortable to be worn for long periods of time and we make sure that they’re durable because we know kids can be rough with them! They’re also lightweight, anti-slip and fashionable. We’ve got some of the best options if you’re looking for kids sandals in Singapore. Expand to read more

Finding the perfect pair of kids sandals

It can be difficult to find a pair of sandals that fit your child well and meet all their needs. Children’s sandals come in all types of designs and they offer different levels of support. Here are some thing you should keep in mind when sandal shopping for your child:

  • Choose sandals that are made with soft, comfortable materials so that your child’s feet can breathe. This will also help prevent sore and tired feet.
  • Choose sandals that have non-slip, patterned or textured soles so that your child has firm footing and can move freely. You’ll be more confident too knowing that your child will not fall when running about.
  • Opt for closed toe sandals for children below 2, as there will be an increased level of protection for the toes.
  • Older children can wear open sandals but ensure that the straps provide support and stability.
  • Sandals should not be too big as this can hamper motor development. This is especially so for children below 2. Leave only about 1cm for growth.
  • Give attention to the width of your child’s feet. Sandals come in different cuttings - narrow, normal and wide.
  • Check on the fit every couple of months to see if the sandals still fit.

While stylish fashionable shoes look great, foot health and safety always comes first. It can be hard to choose a pair of sandals that your child likes if he or she is a little fashionista who is willing to sacrifice style for comfort. At Two Little Feet, you don’t have to forgo one for the other. We’ve got a whole range of carefully designed sandals for boys and girls that will support your child’s feet and look good too! Check out our children’s sandals today! Collapse

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