We’ll admit it first, getting your child to stand still for an accurate measurement of his or her feet is one of the biggest challenges in the process of buying kids shoes for them. And, it is not even possible to cheat, especially when it's when you are buying their first pair of shoes for their first steps. We have tried measuring while our child is lying down sleeping and did not get the right size.

To have an accurate measurement, one must:

  • measure both feet, as each foot may differ in length. Sizing should be based on the larger foot.
  • measure feet with full body weight on them, equally. This ensures feet are at their largest when supporting body weight.

Here, we compare three methods of measuring a child’s feet to see which gives us the closest fit for Two Little Feet’s children shoe collection:

1) Basic measurement

Items needed: White A4 paper, pen/pencil, ruler, a wall


  1. Place a piece of white A4 paper against the edge of a wall. Make sure the paper is level on the floor and against the wall edge.
  2. Have your child stand on the paper with the back of his/her heel touching the wall. Both feet should be squared with the full body weight resting equally on them.
  3. Use the ruler to draw a line where the longest toe ends.
  4. Measure the distance between the end of the paper and the line drawn.
  5. Follow the same steps to measure the other feet. Take the longest measurement of both feet.
  6. Add 1cm to the actual length to find the right size that provides enough wriggle room for those little toes.

Our results: 15.5cm length

two little feet basic measurement kids feet size
two little feet basic measurement kids feet size measured

2) Tracing/Footprint measurement

Items needed: White or coloured A4 paper, pen/pencil, ruler (Alternative: wet feet)


  1. Place paper on the floor and have your child stand equally on it.
  2. Use a pen or pencil to trace the outline of the feet.
  3. Measure the the distance between the back of the heel and the longest toe. Make sure to measure both feet and take the longest measurement.
  4. Add 1cm to the actual length to find the right size with ample wriggle room for toes.

two little feet tracing measurement kids feet size


*Alternative method (Thanks to a tip from customer Rachelle): Place paper on bath towel outside your bathroom during shower time. As your child exits the bath, have him/her stand firmly with both feet on the paper. Measure the wet footprints.

Our results: 15.5cm length for both versions.

3) Foot ruler measurement

Items needed: Kids foot ruler or the original Brannock Device


  1. Place foot ruler on an even floor surface.
  2. Have your child step evenly on the ruler and take the measurement of both feet. Go with the longest measurement.
  3. Add 1cm to the actual length to find the right size with ample wriggle room for toes.

Our results: 15.2 cm length

two little feet ruler measurement kids feet size


We found that the basic measurement and tracing tend to have a higher chance of error as it is hard to ensure that active feet are properly placed against the wall or flat on the paper. Wet footprint method makes for a fun activity during the measuring process.

With the above measurements, our child wears Kids Size 8 for Sandals and Kids Size 9 (with socks) for Shoes with her regular width feet.

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