Buying shoes for yourself can be a daunting task, even more so for your little ones. Fears on choosing the wrong size or design, or having the actual products not turn up as indicated are all some of the challenges when deciding on clicking that final checkout button.

Here are some tips we have put together to help you have more peace of mind when shopping online for the best children’s shoes for you little ones.

1) Read sizing, shipping, and exchange policies
When visiting a new online shoe store, check their policies on shipping and exchanges. Always make sure you can make exchanges for your first few purchases while you get use to their sizing. Understand if you will need to bear the shipping cost of returns and the grace period you are allowed for returns. Do note that most sales items are usually not available for exchanges or refunds as this allows a lower retail price to be offered.

Two Little Feet, Little Blue Lamb, packing children’s shoes

Always make sure you know what sizing measurements each brand is using for their shoes. Do note that all shoe brands have their respective sizing, so don’t assume that sizes across different brands fit the same way. At Two Little Feet, we go with feet length measurement, in millimetres, with the recommendation to add 10mm of wriggling space for little feet or to go up a size for snug fit designs or chubbier feet!

2) When ordering more than 1 pair, choose different sizes
Divide and conquer if you are unsure about sizing. If you decide to order more than one pair in a single order, try to make them in different sizes, especially if it is your first order. This increases the chances of you getting the right size on the first try. We recommend going for one rightly measured size and another a size above. This ensures you have a pair that fits immediately and the other can be exchanged or kept for a later date to wear.

3) Choose age- and occasion-appropriate designs
With the many options to choose between Velcro straps, laces, or slip-ons, pick the one that’s suitable to your child’s current stage of learning. Pick Velcro straps for young learners for easy wearing while providing a snug fit for those active feet.

For play or more active/rough wear, go for sturdier sneakers which can handle the bumps and jumps, while protecting those precious little feet. For an airier option, pick sandals with velcro straps for easy wear and cooler feet in humid weather.

4) Spend time reviewing your selections. Don’t be afraid to ask questions first
Don’t rush. It’s always hard to contain yourself, especially if you think you have found the right one after much searching. Take some time to fill up your cart with what you like and slowly eliminate them to get the perfect pair. With shopping online, it’s convenience at your fingertips but that also means you’ll need to be more careful in choosing to make sure you don’t get disappointed. Read the detailed descriptions and don’t be afraid to email or chat with the online store for clarification.

5) Once you find a brand that works for you, stick with them!
Nothing beats familiarity. So, when you have found something that works for you online, stick with it to continue getting consistent results. Do note that online stores recognise loyalty and this could mean you will continue to get better and better service along the way!