The School Holidays are here and your child will be spending lots of time outdoors. It's time for those children school shoes to take a break. Here are our 4 breathable kids summer sandals that will be your little one's great companions this school holiday.

1. Casual and light

Little Blue Lamb comfortable and stylish kids sandals
If you are looking for an everyday pair of airy children sandals for your little one, we definitely recommend our lightweight Casual Sandals. Fitted with our classic foam rubber outsole that is very lightweight, these kids sandals are ideal for the short activities that your child will be engaging in daily. Also lined with microfiber that is breathable and sweat absorbent, they are perfect for our hot and humid weather.

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2. Supportive and durable

Little Blue Lamb comfortable and stylish kids sandals
If you are looking for a more athletic children sandal this summer, then you cannot go wrong with our Active Sandals. Fitted with our natural rubber outsoles that have strong slip-resistance and high durability, these sandals are great for the outdoors. Ideal for that trip to the zoo or a long walk in the nearby park connector, these supportive sandals will keep the little feet from getting tired easily.

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3. Washable and easy-care

Little Blue Lamb comfortable and stylish kids sandals
Our third pair of breathable kids sandals for summer belongs in our favourite Beach Sandals collection. Made with 3D air-layer fabric that is not only water-friendly but also quick-drying, no more smelly shoes when they are washable. The textile upper and velcro strap also makes it easier for little feet to wriggle in without extra help, great for days when they insist on helping themselves! Being so easy to care for and still protects the little feet all around, these Beach Sandals work perfectly like a pair of slippers, just better.

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4. Stylish and Ultralight

Little Blue Lamb comfortable and stylish kids sandals
A very stylish pair of sandals for the holidays, why not! Not only these Premium Sandals are great for the occasion, but they are also very light, thanks to our microfiber leather material and the latest EVA sole tech. So light and comfy they are even great for the outdoors and long walks. Let your child explore the world in style this holiday with these great sandals!

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