A Better Mask Is Here - Protection, Performance, Comfort

:dc Microparticle Stopper masks are breathable, washable, and most importantly tested to filter out virus, bacteria, blood, pollution, and haze.

Most mask options are either uncomfortable or only protects against bacteria penetration. :dc proprietary masks have been tested for:

    • Viral Filtration Efficiency (US Nelson lab) - 99%
    • Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (Japan KAKEN lab, Taiwan TTRI) - 99%
    • Blood Penetration (Japan KAKEN lab, Taiwan TTRI) - Passed
    • Korea KF94 Certification (similar to US N95 Certification)

    :dc Microparticle Stopper masks are retailed exclusively in Singapore by Two Little Feet.

    *Due to hygiene purposes, all purchases of masks are NOT ELIGIBLE for exchanges or refunds.

    :dc microparticle mask sizing help

    :dc Microparticle Stopper masks are manufactured by leading Taiwanese company Dacian Technology Material.

    VIDEO: How To Clean :dc Microparticle Stopper masks

    Learn more about :dc Microparticle Stopper masks here.