Finally, A Mask That Doesn't Take Your Breath Away

The only ultra-breathable & washable KF94 (N95) certified masks in the market today.

What People Say About Our Masks

"...My kid loves it, it is breathable, the 3D shape doesn't touch his mouth and hence allow his eczema to clear!..."

- Erin Lee, mummy and repeat customer


"...I love the unique colourway and shape and it's really extremely breathable..."

"...Finally found a mask I can wear lipstick in - 100% will not smudge because it doesn't touch your lips at all..."

- Celine Tan, mummy and 8 Days deputy editor


"...I'm not getting any sinus reaction from this mask..."

- Georgina Poh, fitness enthusiast

Featured on TODAY - "3 Ways To Avoid Lipstick Stains On Your Mask"

*Due to hygiene reasons, all purchases of masks are NOT ELIGIBLE for exchanges or refunds.