Walking is one of the key milestone developments for your little one. While it’s exciting to watch your baby take his or her first steps, you might also be wondering how to keep your baby safe as they move around. Putting away breakable items and making sure that shelves and cabinets are secured are part of ensuring feet safety. It is also time to get your baby’s first pair of shoes.

We cover some handy tips on getting a baby’s first shoes in this article, including how to measure your little one’s feet, and things your should look out for when purchasing footwear for children. 

When to get baby first shoes? 

Babies usually start learning to stand and walk around 9 to 12 months, although there are some who might do so sooner.  Anytime from when your baby starts standing is a perfect time to buy your baby their very first pair of shoes.

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, when the baby starts walking, shoes are not necessary for walking indoors. Allowing your baby to walk barefoot or to wear just socks helps the foot to grow normally and to develop its musculature and strength, as well as the grasping action of toes. 

However, do hold off on buying your baby's shoes until they are ready to walk. This is because your baby’s feet are still soft and could easily be distorted by ill-fitting or inappropriate shoes. As such, soft-soled, early walker shoes should only be worn when you and your little ones are outdoors to ensure that their feet are protected.

What sizes are baby's first shoes?

Early walker' shoe sizes range from as tiny as size 0 to size 6.

However, note that different countries and brands have different sizing methods. Thus, ensure to measure your baby’s feet accurately and make your purchase according to the right sizing charts. You can do so by asking the retailer for the baby shoe size chart they are using.

How to measure baby feet for first shoes? 

Although you can get your baby’s feet measured by a trained professional, it is something you can easily do at home. Follow these simple steps to measure baby feet:

  • Have a ruler, pen, and piece of paper handy.
  • Extend baby’s bare feet on a flat surface.
  • Lay the ruler beside their foot and measure from the back of the heel to their longest toe.
  • Measure both feet in this way and if one foot is longer than the other, use the longer of the two measurements. 
  • To get the shoe width, find and measure the widest part of the feet.
  • When choosing the shoe size, make sure there is a little room on both sides of the feet.

How to buy the first shoes for a baby? 

Here are the things you should consider when buying your baby’s first shoes:


Your baby’s shoes should be first and foremost, comfortable. Choose shoes that are lightweight, flexible, and specially designed for babies. 


The perfect fit should not be too big or too small. Make sure that your baby’s shoes have a little room at the toes, heels, and sides so that there is space for their feet to grow. However, there should not be too much that it’s loose as this can cause trips and falls.

Non-slip soles

Baby’s first shoes should be closed-toe and have non-slip soles. Non-slip soles give the baby a firm grip on the ground and help to prevent any accidental slips.

Adjustable fasteners

Babies are not always the biggest fans of shoes. It is, therefore, a good idea to buy shoes with 'hook & loop', elastic ankle bands, or snaps that can help you adjust the shoes to their feet.  

Adjustable fasteners will help you to put on and take off the shoes without harming your baby’s feet. They will also ensure that the shoes stay on when you and your baby are up and about. 

Shop in the afternoon 

Here’s a huge tip - go baby shoe shopping in the afternoon or later in the day. Your baby's feet may swell a little during the day so shopping in the morning is not advisable. 

Baby’s preferences

Try a series of shoes on your baby’s feet and see if they react positively to one. If it meets all the other requirements, you’ve found the perfect first shoes for your baby!

Where to buy a baby's first walker? 

There are numerous options available to buy a baby’s first walker. One of the best places to pick out a pair is at Two Little Feet. We are an online kids shoe shop that offers an elaborate collection of baby shoes, from sneakers to sandals and running shoes. 

Whether your child is just learning to walk or already taking steady steps, our shoes are designed with their comfort and development in mind. They are lightweight, flexible, breathable, and made from high-quality materials. 


With proper feet measurement and taking the tips listed above, getting your baby's first shoe right will be a promising start for her to progress into a confident, steady walker!

Reviewed by:

Kelvin Tay Kai Ming
BSc (Podiatry)
First Class Hons (UK)

Kelvin Tay, affectionately known as ‘Kai Kai’ or ‘Ah Tay’ by patients enrolled in the University of Southampton with the Ministry of Health Health Sciences Scholarship Award and graduated with First Class Honours in 2010. Kelvin’s main interest is in Sports Podiatry and his work in Singapore General Hospital, Changi General Hospital and Changi Sports Medicine Centre has given him extensive experience in foot care and wound management.

Fluent in English, Mandarin and Hokkien, Kelvin has also been an executive committee member of Singapore’s Podiatry Association since 2013. He has won numerous awards including the SingHealth Service Quality Silver Award 2012 (SGH), the Eastern Health Alliance Caring Awards (Silver 2013-2014) and the Quarterly Best Service Award 2014 (CGH).

He is currently a Senior Group Partner and Principal Podiatrist at Physio & Sole Clinic.