Sandals for Baby Boy & Girls

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Time to pick up some baby sandals for your little one? Two Little Feet has got just the thing for you as your baby grows into an active toddler. Our baby sandals are perfect for little ones as they transition from crawling to walking. Made to be sturdy yet flexible, these sandals will protect your baby’s feet while supporting them as they learn to walk and become steadier on their feet. Expand to read more

Choosing baby sandals and first walking shoes

While it’s okay for young children to be barefoot, or in socks in places that are clean and safe, shoes protect your baby or toddler from foot injuries such as stubbed toes, splinters and broken toenails. They also help to protect against the cold and heat. 

Here are some tips on choosing footwear that will support the development of your little one:

  • Baby sandals or first walking shoes for little children should be flexible and should not bind their feet. 
  • Baby sandals or shoes should be breathable as their feet tend to perspire heavily.
  • Sandals for baby boys and girls should be shaped like the child’s foot, i.e. rounded toe box.
  • Avoid sandals or shoes that are too heavy as young children spend a lot of energy when they are walking. 
  • Ensure that they are the right fit - shoes that are loose-fit can cause children to fall while shoes that are too tight can hamper walking and cause issues such as ingrown toenails. 

Where to buy baby’s first shoes in Singapore? 

You can buy baby’s first walking shoes in malls, shoe shops as well as from online shops such as Two Little Feet, which specialises in footwear for children, toddlers and babies.

Our baby sandals at Two Little Feet are designed with the needs of babies and toddlers in mind. Made with breathable, and durable material, we’ve got some of the best baby sandals in Singapore. And because we’re online, you can shop from the safety, convenience and comfort of your home. Collapse

Athens White Baby


Bosa Black Baby


Bosa Brown Baby


Bosa White Baby


Ems Brown Baby


Isar Black Baby


Isar Brown Baby


Lagan Pink Baby


Lima Pink Baby


Parma Cocoa Baby


Parma Olive Baby

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