Is your child in need of a refresh for School Shoes after an activities-filled holiday? Check out these fantastic choices, specially curated by Two Little Feet! 

Basic White Shoes

Our range of Baby and Kids Shoes in White come in minimalistic design with a little extra colour details that make them stand out. Who says white shoes have to be boring. And you do not have to worry about them getting dirty. The microfiber leather upper material ensures that they can be easily wiped clean from dirt and mud.

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All In One Sneakers

If you only need one pair for just everything, from school to the playground or to the park, these All-in-One Sneakers will be your ideal choice. Equipped with our latest supportive outsoles, these sneakers ensure that little feet don't get tired after a long day of running about. The enhanced non-slip soles also make them great for all kinds of activities in school, in or out-door. And they come in many eye-catching colours too!

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Outdoor Shoes

If outdoor and water-play activities are a regular thing at your child's preschool, don't let wet shoes and smelly feet give you a headache. All your little one needs is a pair of our Outdoor Shoes and Sandals. These are great for water play and the outdoors because they are very water-friendly. Especially our Beach Sandals are easy-to-wash, quick-dry and so soft on the feet. 

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Use our smart Size Assistant to find out your child's Two Little Feet shoe size, based on their feet length!

Looking for more options?

For babies just starting to walk, check out this curated Wobbly Steps Collection for first walkers who are still walking with support.

If your child is walking steadily, we have curated a Steady Walking Kids Shoes and Sandals Collection.

Have an active running and jumping child at home? Look no further than our most supportive kids sneakers and children sandals for Active Running young ones!

Check out our range of children footwear: