Comfortable Mary Janes for Every Little Girl

Comfortable Mary Janes for Every Little Girl

Mary Janes are classic footwear that can be worn with anything and for any occasions. Our special Mary Janes collection will be your little girl's ideal footwear for the next play-date, that trip to town or even to school. Their designs are so versatile that can also be easily matched with mommy.


Why We Love Them?

  • Lightweight

Fitted with light Foam Rubber or EVA Outsoles, each Mary Jane only weighs under 120g.

  • Child-friendly design

With a wide toe-cap and also a broader outsole, our Mary Janes are as comfortable to the little one as another pair of sneakers.

  • Classic Colours

Available in colours that can be easily paired with any outfits, our little Mary Janes do not compromise style for comfort.


 Why Are They So Special?

 Fitted with Aosolite Insole that has antibacterial property.

Inner Mesh Layer that is gentle to touch and very breathable.

Microfiber Leather upper that is scratch-resistant and durable.

Why wait, get a pair of our Mary Janes for your little princess now!


Use our smart Size Assistant to find out your child's Two Little Feet shoe size, based on their feet length!

Looking for more options?

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