The Little Blue Lamb brand was created with the goal of providing children with the best footwear. For over 15 years, the team at Little Blue Lamb has been constantly working to improve every part of their products. One of the most important developments that the team focused on was to improve the performance and durability of the outsoles.

As children's feet grow in different stages, the outsoles are carefully designed to meet their needs. Today, shoes under the Little Blue Lamb brand are categorised based on the different outsoles they have.

Baby BB Outsole

The BB outsole is made from natural rubber to give its bendable and slip-resistant quality. The labyrinth pattern also adds extra grip.
The BB outsole is used for all our Baby Shoes and Sandals.

Revive RV

Created for simplicity to accommodate the designs of our kids sandals, the RV outsole is made out of entirely natural rubber. Despite being lean and light, it still provides the necessary support for the growing feet. Its bendability also ensures that the feet are free to move with out any restriction. 

The RV Sandals outsole is used in the following designs:

  • Rome
  • Moselle
  • Turin
  • Venice
  • Elbe
  • Sava

Rattan RT Outsole

The RT outsole is created specifically for our beach sandals range. Made from natural rubber with coral pattern, RT outsole is built for the nature, providing great support and grip for water activities.

The RT outsole is used in ALL Beach Sandals designs. 

Fusion FS Outsole


The FS outsole is the ultimate combination of Foam and Natural Rubber to give it good rebound and anti-slip performance. Perfect for long wear, all activities and all terrains!

The FS outsole is used in our:

Original OG and New Look NL Outsole 

Made from ultra-light EVA & rubber foam sole, the new generation OG and NL outsoles weight 35% less than their natural rubber predecessor. This helps to maintain its durability, anti-slip and wear-resistant performance, while keeping the shoes lightweight for little feet.

Look out for these outsoles in designs with OG and NL in their title, or here in our Ultra Light collection.

Argia AR Outsole

The AR outsole, made from EVA foam, is another range of our ultra-light outsole. Specifically fitted for our premium Argia line that is designed for occasion, the AR outsole ensures little feet enjoys the same comfort when dressing up.

The AR outsoles are used in our special occasion designs:

Sneakers SK Outsole

Our latest and most superb in terms of durability and performance, our SK soles are fitted to our latest sneakers range. Made from thin and flexible natural rubber, this outsole gives out SK range shoes a stylish look while maintaining great support for the active feet. 

Use our smart Size Assistant to find out your child's Two Little Feet shoe size, based on their feet length!

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