Your little one has started walking but you noticed he or she is always on tip-toes, should you be concerned?

Parents can expect their growing child to begin trying to stand, pulling at supportive objects like furniture, between 7 to 12 months of age. Many will begin to walk on their own between 10 to 18 months of age. This is where some parents may notice their little one standing and/or walking on their tip toes and begin to worry.

What is tip-toe walking

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association and our friendly podiatrists at Physio and Sole Clinic, toe walking (or walking on the balls of the feet) is common among toddlers as they are learning to walk, especially during the second year of life. This often goes away naturally by age 3. Occasional toe walking should not be a cause for concern.

From our experience, tip-toe walking can happen during two occasions, as a child takes his or her first barefoot steps, and again when he or she begins to wear footwear for the first time. In the latter occasion, finding the right pair of shoes or sandals can help. We do recommend starting off with good fitting shoes as that helps little feet feel more secure for their wobbly first steps.

When should you worry about tip-toe walking

If your child continues to walk on his or her toes after 3 years old, you should seek consultation with a paediatrician or a podiatrist. Persistent toe walking may be linked to medical conditions such as:

  • cerebral palsy,

  • muscle weakness disorders,

  • autism,

  • other neurological disorders; or

  • delayed development and excessively tight calves.

Can tip-toe walking be treated

Reach out to our friendly podiatrist at Physio and Sole Clinic to get a better advise if you need help with your child's tip-toeing problem.

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