Little Blue Lamb shoes are hand-made with premium materials to ensure safety and quality for the little feet that wear them. Find out what goes on behind the scenes of making the Emery Kids Shoes, also known as the German Army Trainers (GAT).

Watch the short video version of the production of our Emery Kids Shoes, also known as the German Army Trainers (GAT).

Note how much loving hand labour goes into the production of the shoes. It takes, on average, an hour from molding of the sole to the final packing of a single pair of Little Blue Lamb shoes. The shoes even pass through a final metal check to make sure no harmful materials are accidentally left in the shoes during the course of production. All these are done before the shoes are shipped out to fulfill your orders!

For a deeper understanding of the whole process, check out the full production video below:

To really understand how this much hand-crafting defers from lower quality shoes, we managed to find a video of how inexpensive sneakers are made on a large scale. Check it out below and you'll notice the difference immediately.

Compare it to another video we found on how New Balance sneakers are made, you'll notice that they have less work done by hand, but with more sophisticated machinery.

There you have it. We hope this collection of behind the scenes video helps you understand how Little Blue Lamb shoes from Two Little Feet are made, and how to appreciate a well hand-made shoe!

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