It's summertime. Worrying about sweaty feet from the hot sun, and smelly damp shoes from the rain? Two Little Feet's Beach Sandals will be the perfect choice for your little ones. Let us tell you more about this specially designed Summer Footwead!

What Are Beach Sandals

Just like any of our kids sandals designs, our Beach Sandals are functional and user-friendly. Ankle fastener for secured wearing, checked. Toe-cap for protection, checked. Non-slip rubber outsole, checked. Airy and fun designs, checked!


Why Beach Sandals Are Great Footwear Choice In Singapore

Cool shoes, cool feet

Little Blue Lamb's Beach Sandals is designed to be highly ventilated, can easily wick away moisture and sweat, leaving feet cool and dry. Their uppers are either made of lycra, quick-dry air mesh or nylon. This materials do dry up faster,  so little ones don't get bothered by wet moist feet during play times. Also, Mums, it's really a breeze washing these beach sandals as they can withstand water exposure and some light wringing.


Sock-free all day

Another advantage of the mesh fabric upper is its breathability, that feels and functions like a pair of socks. No more worries about bacteria and unpleasant odours, your child can simply wear them barefoot.

Good cushioning

Just like a yoga mat that disperses physical pressure, the dual-density EVA insole works to provide that comfort rebound and relieving the pressure on the little feet during activities. 

Plus, the dual-density EVA insole also provides good grip for little feet, stopping them from slipping even when they are wet.

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