When it comes to everyday footwear, you will want to find a pair that is ultra-comfortable and easy to care for. It will need to be able to take your child all the way from school to the playground. The best everyday kids shoes or children sandals will be durable and suitable for all seasons. Explore our top picks below!

Durable Sneakers

The ultimate everyday shoes can do it all. Our latest outsole development combines the lightness of foam rubber and durability of natural rubber. So your child can wear them all day long! Firmer heel counter and adjustable fastener also ensure that little feet fit snugly and don’t get tired from all that movement. Available in basic colours, these sneakers can be effortlessly paired with any outfit.

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Ultra-light Casual Shoes

If you are looking for something just basic and simple for that morning stroll around the block, these will do the trick. Our lightest shoe range up to date, fitted with EVA and foam rubber outsole! The 'hook and loop' fastening makes it easy for the little ones to put on and take off the shoes on their own. Talk about early independence training! 

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Breathable and Protective Sandals

Our summer sandals are a sleek options that will be sure to leave an impression. Not only do these sandals look great with everything, they are also ultra-comfy to wear for your child. They come in airy designs but still ensure that the little toes are well protected. Because socks are not needed, the insoles are breathable with anti-bacteria properties. They are also very sweat-absorbent, so a simple hand-wash and sun-dry is recommended weekly if your child wears them everyday.


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Use our smart Size Assistant to find out your child's Two Little Feet shoe size, based on their feet length!

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