Cowhide vs Pig Skin vs Microfiber Leather For Shoes

Cowhide vs Pig Skin vs Microfiber Leather For Shoes

Most parents are familiar with cow leather, or cowhide, for shoes and other leather goods. However, cowhide isn’t the only material used for leather goods. In this article, we’ll compare cowhide with pig skin and microfiber leather to help you understand the different materials that make up Little Blue Lamb's children shoes.

Cowhide Leather
Availability: Mostly from the West and Africa where strong beef industries exist. Most common and abundant leather source.
Description: One of the heaviest leathers. Very tough and durable. Soft and supple to the touch.
Pros: Tough and durable, commonly accessible. Dirt and water resistant.
Cons: Stiffens after getting wet and may break easily after. Heavier than pig skin due to its thickness and density.

Pig Skin
Availability: Asia, where pork is a more staple product than beef. Hence, pig skin is a more common by-product.
Description: A dense leather similar to cowhide, but thinner. Known for it's resilience and ability to hold up well against abrasion. Does not stiffen after getting wet.
Pros: Not affected when it gets wet. Won’t stiffen up like cowhide. Light and porous makes for a more breathable layer. Better abrasion/puncture resistance compared to grain cowhide. Ages well and becomes more supple with use.
Cons: Not as soft and supple as cowhide in the beginning. Not suitable for use by Muslims due to religious reasons.

Microfiber Leather
Availability: Globally. Manufacturers use different names and materials.
Description:  Microfiber leather is made from a combination of microfiber non-woven fabric coated with a layer of high performance polyurethane resins. In the industry, it’s considered the latest version and highest quality of synthetic leather. Read our earlier article for more about microfiber leather.
Pros: More animal and environmentally friendly, recommended by PETA. Breathable, anti-bacteria and anti-odour, lightweight, water-repellent, and washable.
Cons: May not be as soft as real leather. May not age well like real leather.
Other known names: Vegan leather, PU leather, Synthetic leather.


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