As parents, we all want to ensure that our children are comfortable in their shoes. However, children with high insteps can be challenging to fit. In this blog post, we will discuss how to identify high instep in children, the difference between high instep and wide feet, and suggested footwear for children with high instep,

Identifying High Instep in Children

A high instep is the arch on the top of the foot. Children with high insteps tend to have a raised arch, which can make it difficult to fit shoes comfortably. Here are few signs that show your child may have high instep:

  • Marks on the top part of your child's feet (or instep)
  • Your child complaining of discomfort in the middle of the foot when wearing shoes
  • Your child has difficulty putting on and taking off the shoes
  • The shoes' strap cannot be fastened securely (e.g. strap is not able to match fully)

Is High Instep The Same As Wide Feet?

It's essential to understand the difference between high instep and wide feet. Wide feet refer to the width of the foot, while high instep refers to the arch on the top of the foot. A child can have wide feet without having a high instep, and vice versa. 

Footwear Choices for Children with High Instep

When shopping for shoes for children with high instep, it's important to look for shoes that have a higher upper and a deeper toe box. Shoes with these features will provide more space for the foot to fit comfortably.

Also, you should look for shoes that are made from soft and flexible materials that will mould to the shape of the foot. Sandals with adjustable straps and sneakers with laces or 'hook and loop' closures are excellent options.

Shoes for High Instep at Two Little Feet

If your child has high instep, and you are looking to shop with us, you may consider getting our Sandals instead of Shoes as our Sandals have a wider shoe collar and deeper inner space. Alternatively, high top covered Shoes are also suitable for high instep. However, if you believe that your child has extremely high instep, it's best to bring them to a physical store to get the right footwear.

In case you really like one of our designs and want to give it a try, do speak with us for an advice before purchase. We do offer complimentary returns collection service (for eligible purchases) should the shoes do not fit well, only a transaction fee will be deducted for any refund.

Use our smart Size Assistant to find out your child's Two Little Feet shoe size, based on their feet length!

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