Nike Kids material designer Indah Nur and Nike footwear designer specialist Aja Zarrehparvar gives you tips on how to keep your shoes fresh and also naturally dyeing your shoes to give them a new look.

In Nike's two Hands On video series, learn useful tips for parents trying to keep their children's shoes clean and fresh.

Tips for cleaning shoes:

Step 1: Get your supplies

  • Brushes
  • Sponges
  • Rubbing alcohol (Parents can skip this as Two Little Feet's Little Blue Lamb shoes don't have air bags)
  • Orange peels

Step 2: Brush if off

  • Use the right brush for the right areas. We recommend using an old toothbrush for the smaller areas and a larger brush for the outsole, or bottom of the shoe.

Step 3: Soap it down

  • Using sponges, clean your shoe.
  • For Two Little Feet's Little Blue Lamb baby and children sneakers, most have removable insoles. Take this opportunity to remove them and soak them for a thorough clean.

Step 4: Clear the Air

  • Parents can skip this as Two Little Feet's Little Blue Lamb shoes don't have air bags

Step 5: Let 'Em Rest

  • It's always good to cycle your children's shoes and let them rest in between use.
  • Nike's tip is to fill resting pairs with orange peels, an alternative to single-use dryer sheets, to clear out any odours.
  • Most of Two Little Feet's shoes have removable insoles. This helps with cleaning to remove odours.
  • If your child's feet sweat a lot, wearing socks can help with keeping odours away. Our Little Blue Lamb baby and children sneakers are soft and comfortable inside so you can choose to wear them without socks if you want!

If you love these cleaning tips from Nike as much as we do, you can also choose to watch their next Hands On episode that teaches you how to use natural dyes to give shoes a new look. Do note that the video mentions that natural dyes reacts with natural fibers on the shoes and don't work well on synthetic materials.

Most of Two Little Feet's shoes use microfiber leather, a vegan leather option that uses synthetic materials. Our Little Blue Lamb shoes are also hand finished, giving them that extra quality check and uniqueness. Although, some slight human touch can be seen, which includes some shoe glue marks and other. Don't worry, they are not going to affect the quality or performance of the shoes!

Use our smart Size Assistant to find out your child's Two Little Feet shoe size, based on their feet length!

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